What’s in Instex, the announced “SPV”?

The Ministers of Foreign Affairs of France, Germany and United Kingdom have announced the incorporation of the Special Purpose Vehicle “SPV”, the entity intended for channeling the payment flows between EU/Iran – through a barter like mechanism – with the purpose of saving the related import/export operations from the application of U.S. secondary sanctions.

What’s in Instex, the announced “SPV”?2020-05-06T11:59:33+02:00

Encryption in France

Preventing unauthorized access to information or data can be a matter of life or death, and certainly when it goes about our most vital infrastructure like the communications network, the power grid and the health systems. Encryption is essential to security. However, while encryption is used by most ICT users everyday, the legal framework for the right to encryption can differ widely from one country to the other, making it challenging to understand and comply with encryption laws and policies internationally. With this post, Raphaël Barazza focuses on the national controls on encryption in France.

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