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FDI screening overview

It is our pleasure to propose an overview of the current status of the control of foreign acquisitions done at national level (FDI screening) in a selection of Member States and European non-member States (Israel, Norway, Switzerland). 

This comes as a comparative study in reaction to the guidelines issued by the European Commission on March 25th to ensure a strong EU-wide approach to foreign investment screening in a time of public health crisis and related economic vulnerability. The aim was to preserve EU companies and critical assets, notably in areas such as health, medical research, biotechnology and infrastructures that are essential for our security and public order, without undermining the EU’s general openness to foreign investment.

The EU FDI Screening Regulation was adopted in March 2019. It puts in place for the first time an EU-level mechanism to coordinate the screening of foreign investments likely to affect the security and public order of the Union and its Member States. This mechanism is based on an obligation to exchange information between Member States and the Commission, as well as on the possibility for the Commission and Member States to issue opinions and comments on specific transactions. The application of this mechanism will start on 11 October 2020. The Commission and Member States are already cooperating with a view to adapt national screening mechanisms and ensure a full and swift implementation of the Regulation at EU and national levels. (Source: European Commission)

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