COVID-19 Webinar Series on Trade Controls

Tackling the regulatory Pandemic following COVID-19:  How to deal with the sudden surge of export controls, (foreign) investment restrictions and new areas of compliance ?

The experts of AT+ICA, the European Association of Trade + Investment Controls and Compliance Attorneys, team up to bring you their expert view on today‚Äôs rapidly changing landscape of export controls, foreign investments rules and new compliance areas. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupts global supply chains causing shortages of essential ¬†goods needed to protect healthcare workers or treat patients, but also damages national economies hereby increasing the fear for hostile takeovers of strategic industries and businesses. Authorities around the globe have taken various restrictive ‚Äď sometimes conflicting- ¬†measures to deal with this new reality. Our independent AT+ICA experts will in a series of (free) webinars provide you their insights on what‚Äôs happening, how to navigate these new regulatory barriers and what can be expected from this in the future !

The Impact of New Export Controls on International Supply Chains

Wednesday 13 May (15:00-15:45 CET Time)

Session #1/5
  • Introductory comments by Daniel Reisner: Managing your exports in unprecedented times: lessons learned.
  • The EU perspective by Bert Gevers: What measures are taken by the EU, how to they interact with national restrictions and what can be expected?
  • A global perspective by Kay C. Georgi (guest):¬† What is happening in the US and what does it mean for the rest of the world?

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    Will COVID-19 cause an epidemic of (foreign) investment restrictions?

    Wednesday 20 May (15:00-15:45 CET Time)

    Session #2/5
    • Introductory comments by Carolina Dack√∂: FDI restrictions in Europe: Hardly needed or a plague for Europe as an international investment hub?
    • The EU perspective by B√§rbel Sachs: Will the German EU ¬†Presidency of the EU lead the way ?
    • A global perspective by Heather L. Finstuen: Securing or closing the economy for foreign investors ? A step by step guide to CFIUS.

    Deep dive investment controls – The first movers: Italy, Spain and Germany

    Wednesday 27 May (15:00-15:45 CET Time)


    Session #3/5

    Deep dive investment controls – The open economies: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Benelux

    Wednesday 3 June (15:00-15:45 CET Time)


    Session #4/5

    Will COVID-19 shape a new era for (trade) compliance ?

    Wednesday 10 June (15:00-15:45 CET Time)


    Session #5/5

    AT+ICA members look into the future of export controls, economic sanctions and related areas of control now that COVID-19 seems to have opened the door to control items and/or technologies that are not controlled in any international agreement.